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Tree & Shrub Management During Drought

Trees produce shade, a valuable asset in the intense sunlight and heat of Colorado summers. The large trees in cities and towns required years to grow and would take just as long to replace if damaged or killed by lack of watering or drought. In times of water shortage, many communities prioritize tree assets for watering over other landscape plants that can be more quickly and easily replaced. The following practices will help keep trees and shrubs healthy while conserving water.

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Preventing Deer Damage

Although browsing deer are charming to watch, they can cause extensive damage by feeding on plants and rubbing antlers against trees. In urban areas, home landscapes may become the major source of food. Deer can pose a serious aesthetic and economic threat. Damage is most commonly noticed in spring on new, succulent growth. Because deer lack upper incisors, browsed twigs and stems show a rough, shredded surface. Damage caused by rabbits, on the other hand, has a neat, sharp 45-degree cut. Rodents leave narrow teeth marks when feeding on branches. Deer strip the bark and leave no teeth marks.

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Planning your vegetable garden

Germination temperature – Soil temperature is one of the best methods to determine spring planting time. Plant when soils reach minimum temperature measured at 8 a.m., 4 inches deep. Beans are an exception, being measured at 6 inches deep. Optimum temperatures listed in the table are useful for starting seeds indoors. Maximum temperatures are listed in regards to high soil temperatures that may interfere with seed germination in the summer.

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