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Colorado Agriculture Survey

What is the Custom Rates Survey?

Colorado State University Extension conducts an annual survey of land rental and custom rates charged for various crop and livestock operations and lease arrangements in Colorado in the preceding year. Data is collected from agricultural producers, landowners and managers, lenders, agricultural consultants, machine operators, and Extension agents. Results of the survey are used by producers, ag lenders, county assessors, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, land appraisers, and more.  Land Rental and Custom Rates in Colorado is one of the most widely used publications available from the CSU Agriculture and Business Management Team.  

Why should I complete the survey?

  • The Land Rental and Custom Rates Report will allow you to advertise custom services or locate and hire custom service operators in your area.
  • More responses ensure more accurate data and a more complete list of rates for today’s practices. These determined rates influence land appraisal values, your property taxes, and more.
  • Information about Land Rental and Custom Rates is used by elected officials to inform federal, state, and local policy, including crop insurance.
  • Your responses are safe and anonymous.

When and where can I access the survey?

The Custom Rates Survey will be available February 14 – March 27, 2024 through Colorado State University:

What if I have questions about the survey?

Your CSU Extension Agriculture and Business Management Team is here to answer your questions. Learn more at

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