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NEW!!! Dolores County 4-H Livestock Program

The Dolores County 4-H Club has received feedback from our 4-H Families regarding our Livestock Program. Due to this feedback and increasing participation by 4-H Members, the Dolores County Extension Office is launching our very own 4-H Livestock Program. This program will be entirely based in Dolores County and will expose Dolores County 4-H Members to real-world livestock production and marketing.

Our goal is to have a livestock judging session for 4-H Livestock Members that will be incorporated into the Dolores County Fair in August and then each member will either market their animal themselves or go to the local sale barn. We hope to arrange a program with the sale barn to have a dedicated time slot for our Dolores County kids. We will expect the exhibitors to keep accurate 4-H records books, receipts, and have ownership papers, etc. They will be judged on their records as well as their handling of the animals.

For more information please inquire at the Extension office